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About Us

Coming from The United Kingdom, we have operated as a team of Hackers, Cashiers, Coders, Engineering Software since 2010. And until 2016, with the expanding of human resources, we decide to launch this website as a platform to serve customer worldwide, instead of only providing to Underground world as before.

Our Services

We provide Legit services: Sell Cvv – Credit Card, Hack Carding Western Union Transfer, Sell Dumps Pin Track ATM , Hack Paypal Account, Bank Logins.

Our Mission – Verified Dumps Seller

In God We Trust, we hack to get money from the Rich and share to the Poor.


  • This website is aiming to provide general information. It is not a shop online that Scammer always use to cheat buyers.
  • If you would like to buy something, please contact our sales representative namely Michael Snowden directly via ICQ or Email.
  • Payment Accepted: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Western Union (Regular Customers)

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ICQ# 681335712

Email: buyers.ticket@gmail.com